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Chateau de Malherbes

Box of 6 x Château de Malherbes Red 2016

Box of 6 x Château de Malherbes Red 2016

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Carton box of 6 75 cl bottles of our Château de Malherbes Red, AOC Cadillac Côtes de Bordeaux 2016.

Graded 90/100 by Andreas Larsson, Best sommelier of the World.

BLEND : Merlot : 60%. Cabernet Sauvignon : 25%. Cabernet Franc : 15%.

TASTING : Beautiful, fairly dark pomegranate color. Fruity at the opening and reminiscent of prune, blackcurrant, violet and pepper, with a lot of originality and a hint of chocolate. The jovial flesh covers the palate with some crisp and juicy notes as if small berries bursting between the teeth. Fruity tones are sustained through the silky tannins.

SERVING TEMPERATURE : Between 16 and 17°C. AGEING : 10 years

FINE DINING : This wine will go wonderfully with a roasted duck breast and a spicy honey glaze, mashed potatoes and arugula pesto sauce.

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